Heather N. Middlebrooks

Apparent Rather Than Real
With A Grating Noise
To Constrict
To Become Clear
Suddenly, Whether Voluntarily Or Not
Soft Words
Render Inaudible
Moving Very Slowly
Loss Of
Inadequate For the Purpose
Exposure to Pain
Drained of Strength
Distress of Mind
Certain Mental Apprehension
A Splendid Appearance
Marked By Intricacy
Usually More or Less Circular
Any of a System of Parts
Operated By Devices
Heavy Use of Samples
Characterized by True Roots
Distinguishing Organisms
Imply an Absence of Color
Merrily Playful
To Release Oneself
The Inner Core
What About Now?
Mimicry of Action
Gentle and Melodious Revisited
A Small Shield
Light and Rapid Movement
Pure Color of a Clear Sky
To Carry, Bring, Remove or Deposit
A False Belief
Without Visible Movement
To Recall To The Mind
A Feeling of Tension

Recent Exhibitions

October – November 2012
Unprepared Modulation
Joint exhibition with George Middlebrooks
The Lunchbox, Knoxville TN

One work featured in Knox County Art Educators’ show ArtSource, The UT Downtown Gallery. Knoxville TN. 2012.